The mission of Red5 is to improve healthcare for cancer patients using creative thinking combined with excellence in research. 

Our guiding vision is to build a brighter future for patients using core traditional values.
Our primary values include working hard and working smart

Red5 takes great pride in our research aimed at developing better treatments for cancer patients.  We’ve made significant progress in building a strong pipeline using our novel nucleoside and nucleotide analogs as therapeutic and diagnostic agents. Our continued success in these areas relies heavily on recruiting, retaining, and rewarding highly talented individuals.  More information on career opportunities available at Red5 Pharmaceuticals is provided below.

Work hard!
Individuals stricken with cancer realize that this disease is relentless. Cancer doesn’t take vacations. It doesn’t take a day off.  At Red5, we recognize that beating cancer is a formidable task that will require an enormous amount of time, effort, and energy. We vow to be relentless in our pursuits to develop better therapeutic and diagnostic agents to help eradicate cancer. 

Work smart!
Developing a drug is complex. It requires expertise in many different scientific fields and specialties. Although we are a small company, we are highly focused on solving problems and developing rational solutions. As such, we at Red5 embrace a simple research philosophy –
excellence in execution. Toward this goal, we combine common sense approaches with innovative and creative thinking to maximize our research capabilities. This allows us to develop potential drug candidates and diagnostic agents in a timely and highly efficient manner. 

Risk assessment.
Drug development is risky. Some projects work while others do not. Making the correct “go” versus “no-go” decision is crucial for the success of Red5. We make judicious decisions on projects using several metrics that encompass scientific progress, the likelihood of success, and likely business outcomes.

Be honest.
Maintain integrity. We apply these principles to patients, healthcare providers, employees, investors, and regulators. Without trust, everything else will fail. 

It’s worth it. Success does not come easy. Continued success at Red5 relies on dedicated scientists that work tirelessly to achieve our goal – to end the pain and suffering of cancer in as many people as possible. Our dedicated efforts will pay off!

We recruit talented professionals that are driven to fight cancer.   If you seek exciting and challenging research opportunities, please contact us. Candidates should submit their resumes via e-mail to 

No agency or recruiter contacts please.

Red5 Pharmaceuticals  is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.