About Us

drugs onlineTrust Pharmacy is a world-famous and reliable pharmacy selling drugs online. We have been serving customers for more than 20 years. our website offers a full range of pharmacy products and medicines. The range of the network includes more than 3,000 items of medicines and pharmaceutical products. The company is constantly working to optimize the process of reducing costs, which allows us to make a low mark-up and enables buyers to purchase high-quality goods at affordable prices. In addition, we cooperate only with reliable and proven suppliers, which guarantees the quality of the goods sold. The company receives many drugs directly from manufacturers, which ensures the maintenance of a wide range, affordable prices, and high quality.

The online pharmacy works with many medical institutions, supplies drugs to medical centers, kindergartens, sanatoriums, and other institutions.

Trust Pharmacy guarantees a high level of responsibility, both to customers for the quality of the goods, and to their employees for working conditions. The company employs only those professionals who know and love their profession. This applies to technical workers, programmers, drivers, accountants and others. The special requirements are set for pharmaceutical and medical workers – those who work directly with consumers, are responsible for the range and quality of goods. These are top class professionals – most have higher medical pharmaceutical education (pharmacists), constantly improve their level, undergo additional internships and studies – to maximize information about the entire pharmacy assortment, new drugs and medical equipment, and willingness to help all customer requests. The main requirement for admission to work at Trust Pharmacy is “love to your profession and the desire to help people.” Working in our company, you can constantly improve and move up the career ladder.

The online company has high standards of corporate governance, a strong management team with excellent industry knowledge and unique professional experience.

Maximizing customer needs, both in delivery services and high-quality medicines at low prices is an important criterion in the work of Trust Pharmacy.

Development strategy

Company’s mission:

  • To provide each customer with a high level of service, a wide range, and affordable prices.

Our purpose:

  • To be the best, reliable, world-famous pharmacy.

Tasks of the company:

  • To create the most convenient and practical workplaces for employees, to encourage talent and initiative in work.;
  • To be honest with clients who choose a partnership with us, sincere respect for society and partners, and the desire to develop and improve, according to market conditions, creating new competitive offers;
  • To respect competitors and to offer an honest struggle for stability and prosperity in the market.

Our principles:

  • Respect for the interests of partners. The company acts in the interests of its partners, in accordance with the law;
  • High quality. The company guarantees a high quality of the offered goods and services. The company works only with reliable suppliers and provides thorough quality control of all marketed products;
  • Commercial orientation. The company conducts its business, achieving positive commercial results.