According to American Cancer Society, more than 1,660,000 people were diagnosed with cancer in 2013 alone. More than 70% of these patients will be treated with DNA damaging agents as part of their therapy. A current limitation of these treatments is the inability of oncologists to rapidly and accurately assess if a patient will respond favorably or poorly to these treatments. Red 5 Pharmaceuticals, LLC is developing new technologies to overcome this urgent clinical problem.

KRun™ Platform Overview
Scientific proof-of-principle demonstrated
Kit prototype under development
Uses standard hospital/research lab equipment
No specialized training necessary
Estimated at $3,000 – $4,500 per kit
Applicable to >70% of all cancers
Results in less than 1 day


Our lead product is the KRun™ Kit, which combines patient samples (blood, serum or tumor biopsy) with our patented chemicals in a plastic 96-well plate which is then run on standard equipment found in any hospital or research lab. Results generated from the KRunTM kit will provide important indicators to determine if a patient will respond favorably or unfavorably to specific chemotherapy drugs. This “personalized chemotherapy” will allow oncologists to predict patient responses to their individualized chemotherapy prior to initiation, greatly improving the potential for a beneficial response. Equally important, the KRunTM platform will provide oncologists with essential information to make rapid clinical decisions.

KRun™ Kit