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Trust Pharmacy is a dynamically developing online drugstore which has been operating in the pharmaceutical market for more than 20 years.

We maintain a single style and standard of service based on an individual approach to each customer.

Our company has a global goal: the residents of the city should realize that we are the company that best cares for their health, focusing on prevention and treatment of diseases. Our store is a reasonable and balanced choice.

effective medicines with home delivery!

We guarantee quality! Products are purchased only from official distributors, have all the necessary licenses and certificates. Direct deliveries from suppliers exclude the possibility of falsified products. In addition, we offer a rich range of products. We are always interested in the opinions of our customers and strive to satisfy all his pharmaceutical needs, so here you can find both common and exclusive meds.

Our team

Our specialists are experienced and communicative employees. They are responsible for solving important tasks related to drug therapy, disease prevention and hygiene. Continuous professional development allows us to improve our knowledge and promote the safe and effective use of medicines and health-related products.

Our team of qualified pharmacists is the company’s most important resource. Our friendly team uses an individual approach and devotes the optimal amount of time to each customer. The staff of pharmacies helps to choose drugs and medical products. Competent support from professionals promotes rational drug use and patient safety.

Our values

  • Responsibility;
  • The desire for development;
  • Respect and attention to customers;
  • Friendly attitude;
  • Team cohesion.

Our strategy

The well-built strategy allows us to achieve our goals and justify the trust of our customers:

  • Our team uses reliable business connections and timely delivers medicines, care products, medical products. Direct contracts with official distributors make it possible to provide pharmacies with drugs at affordable prices and provide buyers with the necessary quality certificates for each medication;
  • Our staff is constantly interested in research, development and market innovations. Pharmacists attend educational courses, seminars, conferences and systematically improve their skills. Competence of employees is reflected in the work of the company and helps to increase the audience of customers;
  • Our pharmacies meet high standards and 24/7 work schedule. Round-the-clock support is ready to accept your order for the necessary medicines and hygiene products at any time.

Our safe online pharmacy aims to:

  • promote standards of safe and effective pharmaceutical practice;
  • ensure a high level of service with respect for ethics and rules of responsible behavior;
  • continue professional development;
  • provide round the clock assistance and online support to its customers.

Low prices

Our pharmacy can afford low drug prices because:

  • We have been working with trusted suppliers for a long time and in order to maintain the status of a cheap pharmacy, we order a large volume of goods and receive a discount from suppliers;
  • Our store constantly holds promotions and makes discounts to its customers so that the goods do not lie on the shelves and go into circulation;
  • We sell drugs online so we do not have to spend money on renting premises;
  • We always have on sale cheap medicines, which are analogues of expensive, promoted brands.

In addition, our company guarantees the quality of medicines, they all correspond to the international standards and are stored properly.

We are always happy to see new customers! No doubt, you will be pleasantly surprised by our prices!

Home delivery

Trust Pharmacy offers home delivery. Many people spend a lot of time going around pharmacies and standing in a queue. Our store is for those who value their time and comfort. If you have never used home delivery, ask your neighbors. Surely, they will answer that the pharmacy has delivered medicines to their address at least once. This is undoubtedly convenient! We deliver drugs as soon as possible. Since we have a wide range of drugs, we can deliver both expensive drugs and cheap analogues. Besides, your order will be delivered in a sealed package, which guarantees the confidentiality of your order. This is especially convenient when you order some intimate products.

Convenient drug search

Search for drugs in our online pharmacy is convenient, safe and cheap! Often, many people searching for drugs run from one store to another. However, the search for drugs can be a real challenge for people with disabilities or moms with young children. We offer you to search for medications without leaving home. You can do this in one click. At the same time, you can spend a sufficient amount of time on checking prices and choosing the most suitable version.

Why is our drug search convenient?

  • You do not need to leave your home;
  • You can read the description of drugs;
  • You can compare prices for analogs and choose the best one in a relaxed atmosphere;
  • You do not need to stand in a queue.
  • Here you can search for rare and exclusive drugs. Some generic drugs are becoming difficult to find in regular pharmacies since they prefer to sell popular medicines.

With us, the search for drugs is a quick and easy task!

Our specialization: generics

We specialize in generic drugs for various medical conditions. A generic has the following characteristics:

  • it has the same active substances as for the original product;
  • it has the same release form (pills, syrup, inhaler, etc.) as in the reference medicinal product;
  • it interacts with the body in the same way as the reference drug (bioavailability studies and bioequivalence studies).

The original branded drugs and generics do not differ in their chemical composition. The quality, safety and efficacy of generics are checked and ensured through appropriate control procedures. Generics are controlled the same way as original drugs.

Why are generic drugs cheaper?

Generics are often much cheaper than the original brand-name drugs, which is their main advantage and the reason why many patients, doctors and hospitals buy them in our reliable pharmacy.

But some patients have doubts about the equivalence of the original drug and its generic because of a relatively low cost of the latter. In general, generics cost less than the original drug because the costs of research and development are already incurred by the company that produced the original drug. A generic company does not need to test its drugs in preclinical and clinical trials to get a registration certificate. However, registered generics are controlled in the same way as original drugs. The means and conditions of production must meet very high standards.

Currently, generic drugs online are in incredible demand around the world. Generics bear the function of accessibility. Why pay more?

Our advantages

  • We provide high-quality services: high quality of goods, reasonable prices due to compliance with modern standards of work in the pharmaceutical market;
  • We cooperate only with time-tested suppliers, companies that have existed for more than 15 years;
  • We work only with major manufacturers of medical products and equipment;
  • We provide the demand of customers of any age group and with any income level.
  • We have an individual approach to each client, advice and professional service.
  • We offer a wide assortment of products from various categories: Erectile Dysfunction, Allergies, Anti Fungal, Anti Viral, Antibiotics, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Birth Control, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol Lowering, Depression, Diabetes, Gastrointestinal, Hair Loss, Heart Disease, Herbals, Man’s Health, Muscle Relaxant, Other, Pain Relief, Skincare, Sleep Aid, Quit Smoking, Weight Loss, Woman’s Health, and others.

Trust the professionals! Using our website, you can get effective medicines, care products, medical products at an affordable price and with home delivery!

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