All About Erectile Dysfunction

All About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is a very common male disease, characterized by the inability to achieve and maintain an erection in a state that ensures sexual intercourse. Every 10th man over the age of 21 has problems with erection, and every 3rd man is not capable of sexual intercourse after reaching the age of 60. The disease tends to progress, although very few men visit a doctor. Most men do not consider erectile dysfunction a disease, considering failures in bed the result of stress or overwork, and many are simply embarrassed to talk about their problem. Meanwhile, this disorder may indicate a disease, the timely treatment of which will allow to normalize sexual function.


Erectile dysfunction is a violation of the ability to maintain an erection necessary for sexual intercourse, characterized by an incomplete hardness of the sexual organ. This condition is most common in adults over 60 years of age, but males can suffer from the disease at any age. Problems of a sexual nature bring a man not only physical but also psychological discomfort.

There are the following forms of erectile dysfunction:

  • A libido disorder associated with stressful conditions, overwork or poor health. Frequent factors are conflicting relationships between spouses, feelings of depression, endocrine disruptions, or insufficient production of male hormones;
  • The incomplete erection may be a symptom of the vascular disease;
  • The impossibility of ejaculation is associated with problems of a psychological nature;
  • Anorgasmia occurs as a result of neurological abnormalities.

Types of erectile dysfunction

The disease is divided into 3 types depending on its reasons:

  1. Psychological – occurs in about 20% of cases. It may begin suddenly, the erection does not disappear at the moment of intimacy and tends to persist in the morning;
  2. Organic – develops slowly, it is becoming more difficult for a man to maintain sexual arousal. This condition indicates another pathology in the body. It may also develop due to the abuse of drugs that improve potency. In this case, a man is experiencing sexual desire and is able to ejaculate. However, he does not have nocturnal erections and often loses sexual desire during intimacy;
  3. Mixed.


  • Disruptions in the endocrine system. As a result, the production of the male sex hormone, testosterone, is disrupted. This can occur in the presence of genetic abnormalities, injuries, infections, tumors;
  • Drug treatment. The production of sex hormones may decrease after taking certain medications;
  • Neurological. Dysfunction can occur after injuries of the brain and spinal cord, autoimmune diseases, and circulatory disorders in the brain;
  • Psychological. The problem sometimes arises against the background of prolonged depression, neurosis, stress, or when there are problems with a partner, a mismatch of sexual addictions and habits. Sometimes erectile problems occur because of the fear of failing with a new partner.
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  • Decrease in sexual desire;
  • Weak erection, lack of erection (including morning and night);
  • Premature ejaculation or lack of seminal fluid from the urethra during sexual intercourse;
  • Lack of brightness or lack of orgasm.

If you notice the above symptoms, you should consult your doctor, be examined and eliminate the cause of the disease as soon as possible.

Complications and consequences

A person who lacks sex and has a poor quality of sexual life can develop inflammatory processes and congestion in the reproductive system, inflammation of the testicle, appendages, testes, chronic prostatitis. Also, the disease can cause depression, psychosis, neurotic disorders. The prognosis of erectile dysfunction is favorable. With modern medications from Trust Pharmacy and surgery, the disease can be cured in 90% of cases.


Modern methods of erectile dysfunction treatment have reached very high altitudes. In almost all cases, the patient can be cured. First of all, it is necessary to conduct a thorough diagnosis and determine the best method of treatment (taking into account individual characteristics). There are no universal methods or they may be not effective since the causes of this disease are different for every man. The choice of treatment methods is also wide. If you have the disorder of a psychogenic nature, then you need to consult a specialist, and if you have another type of the disease, you should use drugs or resort to surgical procedures. Some men try to use natural remedies. Today, there are several methods used to treat erectile dysfunction.

  • Sex therapy and psychotherapy. You can try a massage or a trivial positive change in life. In addition to psychogenic ED, this treatment is sometimes used in organic cases;
  • Drugs that increase potency – Viagra, Levitra, Cialis. This is the so-called first therapy offered by Trust Pharmacy. These pills can be taken from the very beginning in the treatment of all types of dysfunction. Such drugs increase blood flow to the penis. However, such drugs can cause side effects. As a result, there are some recommendations and limitations. People with a weak cardiovascular system are advised to limit their intake of such medicines. Needless to say, you should buy such drugs online only after consulting a doctor and in a world-famous pharmacy and safe online pharmacy;
  • Injection therapy. It is used when treatment with pills for erectile dysfunction does not give the desired result. This method of treatment involves the injection of hormonal drugs in the penis. At the same time, special vasodilating drugs can increase blood flow to the body. This helps to achieve a normal erection. This is a very effective method and the patient can learn how to do these injections when necessary, as well as regulate the duration of erection. The doctor will teach you to make these injections absolutely painlessly. This method is effective in 70-80% of cases. In this case, the drugs are not addictive and they can improve erections when used regularly for more than a year. Injection therapy is contraindicated in case of transferred diseases of the penis or its cavernous bodies, and when the tissues of the penis are inflamed;
  • Using vacuum erectors (pumps). There are many different models and their modifications. This method is used in the treatment of organic erectile dysfunction. In the absence of side effects, a vacuum erector is a non-aggressive method and gives a 90% result. The penis is placed in a cylinder in which a pump creates a vacuum. Blood rushes to the penis and is held there with the help of special rings. This device can also be used by healthy men to massage or supplement their own erections, to enlarge or straighten the penis, and also to prevent premature ejaculation;
  • Exercises. The method restores the muscles of the lower pelvis. This is a biofeedback method which trains the muscles of the perineum, forcing them to work when it’s necessary. It is used for injuries or long inactivity of the muscles as a result of any injury;
  • Phalloprosthetics is the most radical but also the most effective treatment method. It is used when other methods are not effective and dysfunction is caused by irreversible causes.
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All these methods help to increase the overall tone of the body, to realize its internal strength and relieve nervous or psychological stress. This may be the cause of psychogenic dysfunctions and some organic cases. With more serious causes such as diabetes, they will not help and you will need to consult a doctor immediately.


  • To prevent erectile dysfunction, you should first lead a healthy lifestyle. You need to eat healthy food and go in for sports. It’s not recommended to smoke and abuse alcohol. Of course, in no case you use narcotic substances;
  • If the doctor prescribed medication to you, you must strictly follow the regimen and dosage. This is especially true for psychotropic drugs and drugs that affect the nervous and hormonal systems. It is necessary to have a regular sexual life without long abstinence. Sexual excesses are not recommended either. If you have injuries of the small pelvis, injuries of this area, hypertension or diabetes, it is necessary to consult a urologist;
  • Also, you can use a vacuum erector;
  • Folk techniques recommend eating more ginger, walnuts and honey. Herbal decoctions will help tone the whole body.

Today almost all cases of this male disorder are treatable. There are many methods and an experienced specialist from a reliable pharmacy is able to choose a personalized treatment for you.

Remember that this disease can serve as a symptom of another, more serious disease. The main thing is not to delay treatment and undergo a diagnosis in a specialized center at the very first symptoms. Your health is in your hands.

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