Medication for Men’s Good Health

Medication for Men's Good Health

According to statistics, every second man over the age of 45 suffers from erectile problems. Malnutrition, bad habits, regular stress and poor ecology are the main causes of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction affects not only relationships with women but also the psychological state of a man. Possible impotence inspires uncertainty and horror of the stronger sex. Since the problem is delicate, not everyone dares to consult an andrologist or a urologist, and they trust in advertising and reviews of close friends about various means designed to improve sex life. Modern medicine and scientific research are not standing still. The pharmaceutical market offers a huge amount of drugs to increase potency. These are not only classic pills but also sprays, creams, injections and drops. Most drugs can be purchased in online pharmacies without a prescription but remember that self-medication can aggravate the disease. Before starting treatment, it is important to know the cause of the disease. To understand the variety of pills that increase potency, Trust Pharmacy has compiled a rating of the best drugs for potency based on customer reviews and the recommendations of physicians.

Best medications for a healthy erection

Pills are the most popular release form of preparations for potency. It is a solid preparation obtained by pressing a medicine and an excipient, which is used for shells or changes in taste and color. After entering the stomach, the tablet swells and dissolves completely, releasing the active ingredient. The drug begins to act later than another release form, but sometimes the manufacturer adds special substances to the composition to accelerate the dissolution.

1. PDE-5 inhibitors

  • Sildenafil is sold under the world-famous trademark “Viagra”. The drug was created by the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer. Properties of the drug were discovered by chance because the original drug was intended for the treatment of low blood pressure (hypotension). The action of the drug is rapid – within 30 minutes, although this time may be individual for each man, and it lasts up to 4 hours. Despite the fact that Trust Pharmacy offers more effective drugs that increase potency, Sildenafil still retains its popularity. In addition to the original drug (Viagra), the company sells various generics based on the same active substance (Sildenafil). They have a much lower price than Viagra;
  • Cialis is based on another active ingredient – Tadalafil. This drug was developed later than Viagra. The duration of its action exceeds the duration of Viagra – it is 36 hours. The effect occurs faster than that of preparations based on Sildenafil, it is usually a quarter of an hour, in rare cases – an hour or more;
  • Levitra is based on another active ingredient from this group – Vardenafil. The effect of the drug occurs after about 20-25 minutes and lasts about 4 hours. The advantage of the remedy is a minimum of contraindications. It affects the liver, kidneys and cardiovascular system to a lesser extent compared to Viagra. Also, the medication can be combined with fatty foods and alcohol in moderate doses. However, in this case, the effect of the drug may occur somewhat later than expected.
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2. Antispasmodics

Perhaps few people know that antispasmodics are also capable of increasing potency. This is due to the fact that poor erection is often caused by vascular spasms. Such drugs as drotaverine and papaverine are very useful in such a case. However, they should not be taken in pills (in this case, the effect of the drugs is extremely small) but in the form of injections. The advantage of drugs of this type is their availability. As a rule, they are inexpensive and affordable for most buyers.

3. Antidepressants

Some serotonin reuptake inhibitors have an interesting side effect – they are able to prevent premature ejaculation. One of such drugs is Dapoxetine – an agent for the prolongation of sexual intercourse. After its use, the time of sexual intercourse is increased by about 3-4 times. The medicine is taken several hours before intercourse. However, an increased dose does not increase its duration but only increases the number of side effects. The drug can be combined with phosphodiesterase inhibitors, in particular, Viagra. Another antidepressant, trazodone, is also able to cause penis dilatation due to its effects on alpha-adrenergic receptors. It is usually administered as an injection. Trust Pharmacy offers a good selection of antidepressants.

4. Drugs that enhance blood microcirculation in tissues

These drugs cannot enhance an erection alone. However, in combination with other drugs, they can enhance their effect, so they can be prescribed by a doctor as additional agents. These include Trental and Pentoxifylline.

5. Activators of potassium channels

Preparations activate potassium channels in muscle cells, which contribute to their relaxation. The drugs in this group include Minoxidil. It can be used in the form of tablets or applied to the skin of the penis as an ointment.

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6. Combined preparations

This category includes drugs that contain several components of different pharmacological groups that enhance the action of each other. An example of such a drug is Viagra Super-P Force. It contains sildenafil and dapoxetine. Sildenafil increases erection, and dapoxetine increases the duration of sexual intercourse.

7. Alpha blockers

These drugs block the adrenaline receptors of the alpha type in the vessels, as a result of which they expand, which leads to increased erection. There are both selective and non-selective alpha adrenergic blockers. The first is the alkaloid Yohimbine, which blocks receptors of type α, which are located mainly in the vessels of the penis. Yohimbine is a drug derived from the bark of the Yohimbe tree. In addition to enhancing erection, it increases libido. It also improves the tone and improves fat metabolism. The agent is contraindicated in diseases of the kidneys and in old age. Phentolamine, a non-selective alpha adrenergic blocker, is also often used to increase potency. It can be used both as tablets and as an injection into the skin of the penis.

8. Prostate drugs

Prostatitis is a frequent cause of impotence. Therefore, the treatment of this disease helps restore potency. These can be candles with anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antispasmodic action.

9. Dietary supplements, vitamins and natural preparations

These drugs to increase potency contain various types of plant materials or components of animal origin. Some of them use recipes developed by oriental medicine. Many dietary supplements increase stress resistance, have a rejuvenating effect, improve metabolism. At the same time, they can simultaneously be used as amplifiers of sexual desire and potency. However, it should be noted that dietary supplements, unlike ED drugs from Trust Pharmacy, have not passed clinical trials, so their effectiveness is questionable. In addition, many dietary supplements are not cheap. Therefore, you can take them only at your own risk.

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When should you take ED drugs?

Drugs for impotence should be taken only in case of violation of potency. If the erection is normal, then the majority of drugs that increase potency will not be able to strengthen or prolong it. This particularly applies to PDE-5 inhibitors (including Viagra, Levitra, Cialis). Uncontrolled use of drugs that increase potency can only undermine health or lead to the opposite result – impotence. Also, bear in mind that most ED medications have many side effects. There is no drug for impotence without side effects, although manufacturers do not advertise it. Not all drugs are suitable for people after 40, 50 years of age. Therefore, men who have some chronic diseases – problems with the cardiovascular system, liver, diabetes, etc., should consult a doctor. Only the doctor can tell which drugs are the safest, indicate the dosage, and also take into account all risk factors and possible interaction with other medications taken by the patient.

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