Research Capabilities

Research Capabilities Red5 Pharmaceuticals, LLC is a small biotechnology company developing non-natural nucleosides as therapeutic agents targeting cancer.

Our research platform employs a rigorous model involving execution in four (4) key areas required to develop, test, and propel compounds through Phase I/II clinical trials. Using cutting-edge research tools, Red5 has focused research groups with expertise in medicinal chemistry, mechanistic enzymology, cell-based studies, and pre-clinical validation using animal models.

Medicinal Chemistry

The Medicinal Chemistry group synthesizes and characterizes structurally diverse nucleoside analogs. Currently, we have over 50 different non-natural nucleosides and nucleotides in our library of therapeutically active compounds. Click here for representative publications highlighting our work.

We possess and/or have access to the following major equipment: chemical fume hoods, HPLCs, rotovaps, mass spectometers, and NMR (400 and 600 Mhz). Click here to view equipment.

In vitro testing

Our group has extensive expertise in studying therapeutically important enzymes involved in cancer such as DNA polymerases, ribonucleotide reductase, P-glycoprotein, and cell-cycle dependent kinases. We routinely measure KI and IC50 values of our non-natural nucleosides and nucleotides against these targets. Our group has extensive
experience in performing both routine steady-state and transient kinetic experiments using rapid-chemical-quench and stopped flow instruments. Click here for representative publications.

We possess the following major equipment: KinTek RQF-3 three-syringe chemical quench flow instrument, KinTek SF-1 stopped flow instrument, Molecular Devices SpectroMax M4 plate reader, DNA and protein sequencer equipment, multiple power supplies, Western blot apparatus. Click here to view lab equipment.

Cell-based testing

Our pharmacology group performs cell-based experiments to define the efficacy, potency, and selectivity of nucleoside analogs developed in our Medicinal Chemistry group. We routinely measure the IC50 and LD50 values of these nucleosides against a panel of over 40 different human cancer cell lines. Lead compounds are further analyzed to define their mechanism of action (apoptosis, mitotic catastrophe, autophagy, necrosis, etc.). Click here for representative publications in this area.

We possess the following major equipment: NuAire Class A bio-safety cabinet, Sanyo CO2 cell culture incubators, three (3) microscopes (EVOS Digital Inverted Microscope, Olympus CK40 fluorescence microscope, translucent microscopy), MolecularDevices SpectroMax M4 plate reader, and ~40 different human hematological and adherent cancer cell lines. Click here to view lab equipment.

Pre-clinical testing / Toxicology

Red5 Pharmaceuticals evaluates the effectiveness and safety of our compounds using relevant animal models. These studies demonstrate proof-of-concept for biological activity and safety indications for potential side effects.

We have access to the facilities operated by nearby universities and research institutes including Cleveland State University, the CASE Comprehensive Cancer Center, and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.